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I like how easy it was to use as well as set up. When we first switched over our carriers were not using WMS effectively so this helped us gain more control over where parcels go. We have been able to optimize routes based off carrier performance and also track shipments that are stuck at hubs versus those that continue down their path. Very accurate tool! Nothing really. It's just getting used to having everything out there but what you need right now instead of being limited to reports pulled from one place if they don't support your solution. Using multiple companies has allowed me to see which ones are performing well and which aren't. Tam incelemeye bakın

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UNL Delivery

I love that it's very easy to use, and you can customize it as much or as little as you want. It has been great for my business. There are some features that I wish were not so expensive to have. For example, we would like to have a way to send out more than one email at a time, but it doesn't currently do that. You'd think since it's such a good product that there wouldn't be any problems with it. Great product for your business! I'm able to send out emails with all of my customers' information in an easy and efficient manner. Also, since it's addressable, I can easily track when they open the emails. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Mira Handcrafts Acrylic Ounce Skeins

One of my favorite balls of yarn is Dandy from Camtex. In the evening, when I put the children to bed, I sit down in front of the laptop, watch "Free Letter" all the series in a row, for example, and knit dolls. Not only is the color of this yarn amazing, but it is also pleasant to knit with it - the thread does not break, neatly. Products from them turn out to be very beautiful, for example, in the topic about "amigurimi" I showed some dolls. Knitting is easy. Usually I make from three threads, crochet 3.5. I don't like knitting with just one thread. If there are several, then the product turns out to be completely different. Not all products are neat, but it's just a hobby - to keep your hands busy. Sometimes I mix threads with other colors and threads from other companies. There was never a thread that was torn or the paint was different - an even color, a bright toy or a napkin. Everything suits me, for the price too - corresponds to the quality. Good quality, beautiful color and decent manufacturer. I buy in different places, for example, in the Leonardo hobby market. I ordered online a couple of times, there was a good discount. Very comfortable to crochet. I started knitting relatively recently, just once I bought knitting needles, a hook and threads for knitting - and away we go. Now every evening for an hour I sit and knit something. In the summer, I tied a handbag with these threads and gave it to a girl I knew. Now in needlework stores they sell not only threads, but also handles for a handmade handbag. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Craft CMS

The ability to customize templates in such an easy way was one thing I loved about it! It's also really nice having all your plugins/themes stored together so you don't have multiple places where they're kept if needed (ie - WordPress). Sometimes when there are updates or changes made by other people at my work place we get emails saying "we've updated this template" but not how much has changed from what i had before? So sometimes its hard figuring out which ones need updating because some things just aren;t as noticeable anymore like with wordpress themes etc. But overall great product!! Easy customization options & templating features make everything easier than ever previously done without using any custom code / cms software.Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that it lets me keep track of all my projects at once in one dashboard so there's no need for multiple spreadsheets or different programs just because i have several jobs going simultaneously! It also has some really cool features such as "checklists" where you can assign certain tasks along with due dates/deadlines etc., this feature alone makes using Ana worth while since most other project managers don't offer anything similar (I'm looking forward towards seeing more updates!). The only thing about ana was having too many tabs open when trying out new things but after getting used they didn’t bother us much anymore :) Great tool overall if anyone needs something simple yet powerful!! Just make sure u get everything explained first before deciding whether its right fit fo ur business /needs! Keeping task lists within 1 single place instead managing them separately by emailing myself would be very helpful especially during busy times - saves time & resources!!Tam incelemeye bakın

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It is easy to use, it has great templates for all of your team members so they can easily create their own plans in minutes - which then get reviewed by others before anyone gets too far down an agenda item path without input from stakeholders or managers! Sometimes I don't understand why things are happening as there isn't always enough room/space provided when creating new tasks / sub task items etc but this could be improved if more space was available (aside maybe adding another tab?). Also sometimes our staff have no idea what we're planning ahead with them until very close to 'go live' date due to lack of communication around specific dates & times e.g. meetings at 10am instead being able to specify time slot such as 945hrs?Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that it is easy to use, you can create your own surveys in several languages (Spanish, English, French). It's also very flexible with different types of questions (open ended or multiple choice) and even if there are more than one answer they give you all options so you don't have to guess which option was chosen by them. The only thing I dislike about this tool is that sometimes when it refreshes after filling out a survey it doesn't save it until you go back to it again, but other than that everything seems fine! Using Franklytics we were able to get an idea of our customers' needs quickly and easily without having to spend time creating our own questionnaire. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The integration of other systems with work path has been beneficial since it allows you access to your internal system from outside sources which can be helpful for projects that utilize multiple platforms such as accounting information, project management, etc., This also helps create standardization within our team so everything runs smoothly. I am unsure if there are any negative aspects at this time however we have not found anything that does not benefit us thus far. We use WPath primarily for Project Management but do enjoy using some additional modules like expense reporting. I started using this tool for my current role which is sales lead generation/management. It's been amazing so far to interact with the team, the interface of the product looks really unique and modern. The only thing i dislike about it currently is that there isn't much customization available, and that the team could use more training on how to use. Try it out for free before deciding if you need the full version or not. We have solved our Sales Lead Management with this tool. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Strathmore 25 508 Sketch Bound Sheets

Probably many of us love to draw. Although I am deprived of this talent, I always support the child with pleasure in this activity. Together we can sit for a long time drawing animals, fairy-tale characters or simply copying pictures from children's magazines. We used to buy ordinary sketchbooks, until special sketchbooks from ErichKrause appeared on sale. Albums are sold in different formats. We have the biggest one. The album costs 210 rubles. The album has 40 pages. You can draw on both sides of the sheet with pencils and felt-tip pens. Albums are produced in Russia. The cover is bright, I really like the look. The cover is dense, you can draw in the album, even holding it in the air. It is very convenient and the child especially likes it. Album on Eurospora. Therefore, sometimes we take out drawings from the album to give to grandparents. The pages in the album are just perfect, dense and white. But in such an album it is a pleasure to draw. You can buy a sketchbook for a gift. ErichKrause released such a familiar thing, but simply in excellent performance. Tam incelemeye bakın

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AmazonBasics Sketch Drawing Pencil Set

Good day, dear readers. Today I'll tell you about my cute helpers-relaxers :) - my pencils from the set of drawing pencils TM "MARCO RAFFINE" (12 Artist Sketching Pencils). They gave me pencils under the Christmas tree for the New Year. It is very rare to find time for drawing or any creative activity in general, but after a hard day or a nervous strain, drawing is a good way to relax and have fun. At the same time, no one canceled warm hugs and chocolate :). And so my pencils come in a metal box, the total number is 12 pieces. They are made in China. The box indicates that the pencils are made of high quality wood and graphite rods. The pencils are marked. The hardness of the pencils varies from 2H (the hardest) to 8B (the softest, when applied, the shade turns completely black). European marking. We open the box, which is very convenient in terms of transportation. There is a chance that the pencils will remain safe and sound during a trip or walk in order to make a couple of sketches in nature. The pencils are located in the box from bottom to top according to the hardness scale. At the bottom is the hardest pencil 2H, at the top the softest 8B. In general, all pencils of group B are soft. It's just that some on paper give a more muted, matte black tint, In order for you, the readers, to understand the difference, I bring to your attention the shades of all 12 colors presented in the box, made by me for a better understanding of the difference in the level of pencil hardness. Such a visual form allows us to see a kind of tone scale. I like to draw the contours of figures and objects with an HB pencil, it is neither hard nor soft. I use 4B-8B pencils for shading objects, and an F pencil for playing shadow and light. A drawing cannot be born without an eraser :), it miraculously removes roughness and makes highlights. The day before yesterday I drew a raccoon for my daughter, for good luck :). Today she had a test in chemistry and he acted as her talisman. Control is written! :) And yesterday with Zakharchik, the son of my friend, we learned to count apples :). He is 3 years old. Soon it will be necessary to finish drawing more apples :). Today, having looked at all sorts of graphics options, I settled on a still life. In addition to everything that is in the work, there is also my pot, made in the pottery workshop of the Likhtarik Art Studio. I did the shading with an ordinary soft squirrel brush, and something with an eraser. I made the light areas with harder pencils, the dark ones with softer ones. I love to make contours, I do them with the softest 8B pencil. All in all, I was very happy with this gift. Today I saw such a set in the Akvarel stationery supermarket for 78 hryvnias (approximately 214 rubles). This is quite a budget option, that is, affordable for almost everyone. Having such pencils is a guarantee of a great mood and peace of mind. All the best! Tam incelemeye bakın

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